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DakPak is designed to partner with health, lifestyle and sports brands to develop, test, distribute and market protein, collagen and other supplement products.

We work behind the scenes to create an extension of your brand. Our turn-key approach to product development allows you to offer safe, reliable and trusted products to your customers without the stress.



Our Services

Your dream of developing, branding and selling your own protein products is within reach.

The DakPak team works with you to create a natural extension of your brand that you'll be proud of.

Sports leaders across the country look to DakPak as their partner in a streamlined approach to creating a safe and reputable protein or supplement line you're confident in.

For Athletes

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The natural development of the health-conscious lifestyle brand comes with collagen and supplement products designed to suit your business.

Whether its' single-serve options or large containers, DakPak works with you to create ethical and safe collagen or other supplement formulas for health and lifestyle brands.

DakPak always offers lower minimum order quantities so you feel confident in your investment.

For Lifestyle Brands

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Start offering a custom sports nutrition supplement product to expand your personal brand and your audience. The simple DakPak Solutions process makes building on your reputation natural and easy.

Your customers trust your recommendations. Creating a unique protein, vitamin, supplement or blended nutritional product that aligns with your mission is possible with DakPak's trusted testing, production and distribution.

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