Our streamlined five step process makes the product research and development process simple, safe and effective for all of our customers regardless of their experience in manufacturing.



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Don't have a website to start selling? DakPak supports you through the entire process including jumpstarting the systems to market and sell your products through digital advertising, Amazon and marketplace listing optimization, web design and development, and product photography and video.


Go to Market

Our team's expertise makes managing inventory easy. Once your product is designed, developed and packaged, DakPak is your partner for distribution, product storage and management, order fulfillment and tracking.

Our 144,000 square foot warehouse ships across the United States and manages the behind-the-scenes process to create a seamless production and buying process for you and your customers.


Inventory Management

DakPak offers containers and packaging to suit your needs and align with your brand.

The DakPak packing technology is precise and comprehensive to fill, label and get your product on shelves. Our facility offers bag, pouch, sample, sachet, packet, bottle, can and tub options for both powder and liquid filling needs.

Our marketing team is your partner in designing packaging creative that looks and feels like your brand. We'll also include UPC, bar or lot code and expiry date printing for inventory management.



Depending on your custom needs, the DakPak team supports you in sourcing, blending and overall product creation.

The DakPak systems offer non-impact blending, fluidized blending, and variegated bulk formulations through a proven, scalable process.

DakPak also has encapsulation services for nutritional supplements, vitamins and more. Our high-speed encapsulator can produce small or large batches of powder capsules with precision through a decreased production time.



We work with you to determine the right formula for your brand, how to develop it, where to source the materials as well as your competitive advantage to determine how to leverage your product as an extension of your personal brand.

DakPak can create a new product from scratch to suit your needs or simply execute and improve your existing formula.